Graham Mitchell is to wine what Michael Palin is to travel, a sort of “Indiana Jones with a corkscrew.” He is almost certainly in a glass of his own! He managed to make it to the roof of Africa and enjoy a glass of Malbec at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. He also broke a bottle and nearly killed himself one dark night illegally climbing one of the pyramids at Giza in Egypt. He eventually made it to the top and slept the night opposite the Sphinx. While lost up the Amazon in South America, he went alligator hunting in the moonlight and swam with Piranha fish. He swam with Great White Sharks in Hermanus in South Africa and discovered some great white wines too. He was nearly stabbed on Copacabana beach in Rio and he was caught in an army coup in Caracas in Venezuela.

He has been buying wine for far too long as a professional wine merchant. Known as The Wine Explorer, he noses his way around copious vineyards off the beaten track.

His nose normally arrives about 3 minutes before the rest of him. He relentlessly travels the world searching for the finest wines displaying attitude and soul. Graham is the 4th generation in his family to toil in wine, his Great Grandfather, Sir Alfred Bower founded a wine business in the City of London in 1879 so you could say that wine is in his blood! Sir Alfred, a bit of a Dick Whittington character, the 6th son of an East End publican, subsequently became Lord Mayor of London in 1924.

A Director of El Vino for 6 years, Graham subsequently followed his Great Grandfather’s example and set up his own wine business The Wine Explorer Limited in 2002. His passion for wine and wit led to a regular live wine slot on BBC radio for 8 years, and much presenting and writing about wine in the press, including features in The Daily Telegraph and Spectator magazine. He has also built a reputation as one of the better after dinner speakers in the UK, blending information with humour in an entertaining, exhilarating and intoxicating style. He has taken all the wine trade exams including the Master of Wine and even passed some of them. He started at the bottom making the tea aged 8 in the family business in Fleet Street above the wine bar for 1p an hour. As his father later declared, he was overpaid even then. Graham subsequently packed cases in the cellar at Berry Brothers and Rudd and spent 6 back-breaking weeks picking grapes at Chateau Angludet in Bordeaux. He has also worked in the Mosel Valley in Germany analysing the chemical constituents of wine. An arduous task as you can imagine. Today in 2019 Graham has recently returned from buying visits to France, New Zealand, Argentina, South Africa and Australia.

Graham is also the son of a former Member of Parliament and Government Minister Sir David Mitchell MP and he is the brother of Andrew Mitchell the current MP for Sutton Coldfield, so he knows a few stories about Parliamentary life too and would love to share his entertaining insights into this extraordinary world.

Graham came close to death in November 2015, was informed by the doctor that his heart was finished and that he needed a new one. 3 and a half years later he is back working full time running his own wine business with more excitement than ever. He has hung on to his heart.

Life has been a precarious adventure for Graham - he has one or two tales from the vineyards, illuminating and humorous stories from inside politics and an extraordinarily inspiring life story.

Ask Graham Mitchell to speak at your next event, taking your audience on a light-hearted journey, sharing his adventures and even tasting some remarkably fine wines.

Graham’s first book The Wine Explorer, Stories and Discoveries is published by The University of Buckingham Press.


At the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro with a glass of Malbec

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Vintners Hall Wine Tasting


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Exploring off the beaten track


Let the wine explorer, who has entertaining stories to tell, lead you on a light-hearted journey through the vineyards of the world, discovering and revealing the mysteries of wine.

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